dividerTitleArchiveAchievementsdividerEffect of some factors on tissue culture and vegetative propagation of Maple
Effect of some factors on tissue culture and vegetative propagation of Maple
Effect of some factors on tissue culture and vegetative propagation of Maple

Acer genus, deciduous trees belong to the family of Acereacea. Maple (Acer monospessulanum) is one of the plants that are endangered. Maple proliferation  is very little in habitat and  collection of  seed in the habitat is difficult. So one of the ways the production of seedlings, asexual reproduction is through micropropagation and cuttings. The micropropagation results showed the best treatment for sterilization of explants were identified fungicide solution 0.5 percent, 0.1 percent mercuric chloride, 70% ethanol and sodium hypochlorite for 10, 3, 3 and 20 minutes respectively. Used medium containing MS base medium was supplemented with different concentrations of growth regulators. Completely randomized design were conducted with 4 replications. In this study, various tests were conducted to optimize regeneration. Three  explant involve callus, seed and germ on MS medium with a mixture of different concentrations TDZ, BAP, IBA and Kin were tested for regeneration, proliferation and root initition. After a month, the percentage of regeneration and percent of callus production during test, indirect regeneration in hormonal treatment containing 0.001 mg/L TDZ with 0.5 mg/L Kin was observed but the branches and leaves became glassy and also direct regeneration from germ and seed tissues was also observed. Variance analysis and comparing means by LSD method showed that the best treatment for the regeneration contained 0.0002 mg/L TDZ and 5 mg/L BAP and 0.1 mg/L IBA. The best time to explant from the area for regeneration was September. In cultivating the embryo of seed after placing the seeds in running water and sterilization operation, the coating of seed was removed and the embryos were transferred to medium without hormones. When embryos were swollen, they were transferred to MS medium with double iron with different hormonal treatments to proliferation. The results showed that the culture medium containing 0.005mg/L of  TDZ and 0.5 mg/L Kin was the best for proliferation. Root  initioation  was observed in half  MS medium with double iron and without hormone. Seedling with proper growth and rooting were transferred to Jyfypat and after adaptation; they were transferred to pot and eventually soil. In another part of the study evaluated the maple vegetative propagation. The studied treatments in this study included cutting diameter, type of substrate and growth hormones compactness. The measured parameters for each cutting included of germination, root number per cuttings, root length, number of rooted cuttings per plot and finally callsed cuttings number. for measure root length, Length of the longest roots were considered. most of the cuttings growth occurred in sand substrate

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